Envirosax bag used on TV show, Weeds

Envirosax bag being used by Nancy on the set of popular TV show Weeds, Lady’s a Charm (Season 4, Episode 2). She wears Mikado Bag #5 (MK.B5).


Eco Barge Clean Seas and the Importance of Marine Conservation


At Envirosax we are always looking to spread the message of those organisations that are enacting real, positive change on the environment. Eco Barge Clean Seas Inc. is one such organisation that is attempting to clean up the ocean around the Whitsundays in Queensland and protect the fragile habitat of the diverse marine life that inhabits the area.

Australia is a beautiful country with a reputation for beautiful vistas and golden beaches. Unfortunately the world’s oceans grow more polluted every year and Australia is no exception. With over 6.4 million tons of rubbish finding its way into the ocean annually, around 13,000 pieces per square kilometre, a devastating price is being exacted from marine life. Eco Barge Clean Seas Inc. seeks to protect the fragile ecosystem surrounding the Whitsundays by removing debris and rubbish from the ocean.


Like all environmental causes, success depends on community support and involvement. Eco Barge Clean Seas Inc. utilises various community groups and volunteers to gather together and remove debris piece by piece. As well as actively removing pollutants, numerous initiatives have been implemented with the aim of educating the community and promoting eco-friendly practices in the region.

Strong community involvement and dedication to a cleaner ocean has resulted in a strong organisation, with over 300 volunteers working in various ways to clean up the area and protect the beautiful and exotic marine life that characterises the Whitsundays. Unfortunately the dumping of pollutants as well as irresponsible practice remains rampant. More support is needed to ensure the regions positive future, and guarantee the protection of marine life and habitat.

Check out their website to see how real change can be brought about. If you live by the ocean, find out about the health of marine life in your area. See if you can volunteer, do your part to make sure these beautiful environments are around for generations to come.

LA becomes the largest city to ban plastic bags

Screen Shot 2013-06-21 at 3.22.20 PM

Los Angeles, a city of 3.8 million people has become the largest metropolis to ban the use of plastic bags. Statistics show that the population of LA consumes over 2.3 billion plastic bags annually and the council spends millions of dollars on related clean up every year. The ban was brought about by the need to reduce pollution and contain the damage caused by plastic bags on the environment. The ban was imposed after a vote by the council of Los Angeles, which won by a margin of 11-1, an encouraging result that hints at positive outcomes for the future of the city.

Large businesses have until January 1st 2014 to discontinue the use of plastic bags while smaller independent businesses will have until July 2014. Failure to comply will result in hefty penalties and fines of up to $500 after the ban comes into effect.

In a further attempt to improve environmental awareness, a compulsory fee of 10c will be applied to every paper bag. The fee is intended to encourage people to bring their own bags and to avoid replacing one problem with another.

It is now up to more major cities to follow the precedent set by LA and implement plastic bag free strategies in order to put a stop to the wide spread use of this terrible commodity. Envirosax would like to congratulate the city of LA for passing this momentous ban, this is a huge breakthrough and a great step forward in ensuring a sustainable future.

Customising your Envirosax

Our friends at Sustainable Table have come up with an innovative new way to get the most out of eco-friendly Envirosax. Sustainable Table is a great not-for-profit organisation based out of Melbourne, Australia that promotes sustainable food practices. Many of today’s environmental issues can be linked directly to the production of food sources. Sustainable Table has a range of projects aimed at growing food in a natural setting with minimal effect on the environment.

The Bags
In raising awareness of eco-friendly food practice, Sustainable Table have teamed up with Envirosax to customise our eco-friendly bags with messages that remind people to shop with a conscience.

Sustainable Table-0161


The high quality of Envirosax makes printing on them a breeze. The team at Sustainable Table have done a great job of utilising Envirosax to reinforce their eco-friendly message.

Sustainable Table-0097

So if you are looking to get your brand out there, promote a cause, or simply add a personal touch to your Envirosax, why not follow the example of Sustainable Table and continue to spread the message of an eco-friendly future.

Sustainable Table_olive bag

You can find out more about Sustainable Table at www.sustainabletable.org.au

Tasmanian Government takes firm stance on plastic bags.

A huge development in the campaign against plastic bag use has occurred in Tasmania, with the government making a promise to make the island state plastic bag free by the end of 2013. Pollution from plastic bags is having a devastating effect on the environment. Australians consume up to 10 million plastic bags a day, using them for an average of 5 minutes. Bags once discarded cause havoc on the environment resulting in the death of countless animals and destroying natural surrounds.

Tasmania has long been considered one of Australia’s most beautiful wilderness regions. By committing to the eradication of plastic bags they are building a sustainable future and ensuring their state retains its reputation. The ban will come into effect on November 1st, until then businesses will roll out campaigns to spread public awareness. This is a huge leap for Tasmania and sends a great message to organisations around the world trying to rid their communities of these harmful pollutants.

The Tasmanian town of Coles Bay was the first in the country to ban the use of plastic bags in 2003. Ten years on, and Tasmania as a whole now joins SA, NT and the ACT in achieving this milestone.

Envirosax has been spreading the message of reuse with its stylish bags for nine years now and have created a beautiful product that just by its use is an environmental solution.

We are proud of the efforts of the Tasmanian government in implementing this legislation.

Envirosax Kids’ Series won the PTPA award

We are proud to announce that Envirosax Kids Series is a “Parent Tested Parent Approved” award winner! PTPA’s professional panel of judges evaluate products based on functionality, quality, value and appeal. Receipt of this award is a statement that the product is “Parent Tested and Parent Approved.”

“Envirosax is thrilled to be recognized by PTPA, as our bags have earned the trust of busy parents both at home and on-the-go,” said Belinda Coker, Founder and Managing Director of Envirosax.

The Kids’ Series of reusable bags are designed to be fun and colorful, but also teach a valuable lesson about our responsibility to the planet. The idea behind our Kids’ Series is that educating children about reuse is our greatest chance of preserving nature for future generations.

PTPA is the leading product award with the largest parent-testing community and seal of approval recognized worldwide. The PTPA award provides consumers with a credible, third-parent resource that helps family-focused consumers discover award-winning products and services.

What PTPA’s reviewers had to say about the Envirosax Kids Series:

“I would recommend it. So far the bag has stood up to our testing and we have not had any problems with it. Seems strong even though very lightweight and thin.”

“The Envirosax bag is a great way to teach your child about protecting the environment while using a fun and stylish bag at the same time.”

“A great environmentally safe bag to make shopping easier thanks to the fabulous weight limit! It has fun prints and we love using this bag. Knowing that it’s been tested for heavy metals is important for me as well as when I am holding the bag, it’s nice to know my skin is not absorbing any harmful dyes or chemicals.”

“This is a wonderful, durable bag that looks great and makes you feel like you’re doing something good for the environment, while setting a good example for your kids!”

Check out the PTPA’s website for more information: Envirosax on PTPA

How to Celebrate Earth Day?

On Sunday, April 22 we will celebrate Earth Day. Earth Day was first celebrated in 1970 in the United States. The idea for Earth day was the brainchild of Senator Gaylord Nelson, who was trying to find a way to “put the environment into the political ‘limelight’ once and for all”.  This year, more people than ever will celebrate Earth Day all around the world. But the question remains, how will I celebrate Earth Day?

Here are a few ideas what you can do to celebrate Earth Day:

Learn more about the environment!
Earth Day is the perfect time to make a commitment to learn more about the environment and how to protect it. More importantly, take the time to talk to your children about the meaning of Earth Day and the environment. Educating our children is one of the best chances for a greener future!

Make your lifestyle greener!
Try changing your lifestyle to a greener way! Change your shopping habits: Try to avoid items that come in unnecessary packaging; Support local growers and producers in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from transport; Use reusable water bottles and also buy your children reusable water bottles (drinking at least 2 liters of water every day is good for your health – having a water bottle by your side makes it easier); Recycle as many things as possible; Don’t waste food – store it in reusable container; Use a reusable shopping bag, like our Envirosax bags, in order to reduce unnecessary plastic waste.

Cook a special Earth Day meal!
Cook a delicious Earth Day meal using local products only. Keep in mind our 10 Steps to Waste Less Food! If you still have to buy products from the supermarket buy organic products only. Also, create recycled decoration yourself. It is fun and an activity for the whole family.

Clean up your neighborhood!
Another very good way to celebrate Earth Day is to gather friends and family and clean up a local space everyone can enjoy such as a park, a street, or a beach …. This is a very good way to create awareness and understand the impact of waste on our planet. Useful information on clean up days –> HERE

Ride your bike or walk!
Use your bike, walk or take the public transportation system in order to reduce your personal impact. It is good for the environment and it is even better for YOUR health!

Remember: Earth Day is EVERY DAY!
Think of the environment throughout the year and discuss your personal impact on the environment. Make sure you recycle and reduce waste every day. Don’t restrict yourself to just one day a year. Learn about how you can make a difference.

These are just a few ideas on how to celebrate Earth Day. There are a hundred different ways. Let us know how you celebrate Earth Day and contribute to a brighter future for us and for our children. If you already know what you are doing also consider joining the official Earth Day campaign A BILLION ACTS OF GREEN to show your support.

Happy Earth Day!

Your Envirosax Team


10 Steps To Waste Less Food

Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Eve are just a few of many holidays were we cook and usually eat way too much! Too much food usually means more food and packaging waste.

The Worldwatch Institute brainstormed 10 Easy Steps To Waste Less Food:

  1. Be realistic: Due to the fear that we might not have enough food, we always cook unrealistic amounts of food no one can really eat. In order to be realistic, have a look at the Food Hate Waste organization’s “Perfect portions” planner to calculate the perfect meal size.
  2. Plan ahead: Create a shopping list before heading to the shops. It will help to not buy unnecessary products. Grocery Gadgets for your Smartphone are very useful little helper.
  3. Go small: You can always have a second (or third) serving. Therefore, start off with smaller portions in order to reduce the amount left on the plate (which usually becomes waste).
  4. Encourage self-serve: Let your guests self-serve and therefore decide how much they would like to have on their plate and can eat. This reduces the amount of food left on plates.
  5. Store leftovers safely: Store your leftovers in secure and reusable containers. Also separate your leftovers and store them in small individual containers. This reduces the risk of stored food being passed over and eventually wasted.
  6. Compost food scraps: Compost vegetable peels, egg shells and other food scraps from meal preparation. Composting systems can be relatively easy and inexpensive, and provide quality input for gardens.
  7. Create new meals: Have a look at Love Food Hate Waste’s creative recipes to see if your food scraps can be used for new meals.
  8. Donate excess: Donate canned and dried foods you didn’t need for your holiday meal to food banks and shelters. Have a look at the Feeding America’s Food Bank Locator or search for it on the web for your country.
  9. Support food-recovery programs: In some cases, food-recovery systems will come to you to collect your excess. For instance, in New York City the world’s first food-rescue organization, collects approximately 28 million pounds of food each year.
  10. Give gifts with thought: When giving food as a gift, avoid highly perishable items and make an effort to select foods that you know the recipient will enjoy rather than waste.

If you have any other tips on how to reduce food waste let us know!

Enjoy your holiday season!

Your Envirosax-Team

Source: Worldwatch Institute


World Water Day 2012

Envirosax believes that education and creating awareness in environmental sustainability is an integral part of ensuring a sustainable future. Therefore, we are also passionate to write about environmental topics such as World Water Day.

The international World Water Day is held annually on the 22nd of March as a means of focusing attention on the importance of freshwater and the sustainable management of water resources. The origins of World Water Day go back to the year 1992 when the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development recommended a day to celebrate freshwater. The United Nations General Assembly responded to this recommendation by designating the 22nd of March 1993 as the first World Water Day.

Each year, World Water Day highlights a specific aspect of freshwater. This year the focus is on “Water & Food Security”. Have a look at this short video to get an idea about how close water and food are related.

Do you want to know more about Water & Food Security or World Water Day in general? Just click on the World Water Day logo to get more information on this years campaign.

Water & Food Security

Envirosax is passionate to share the idea of the World Water Day. Therefore, we encourage you to take March 22nd as an opportunity to think about your personal water usage and how important water is. Talk to your friends, family and especially children and spread the idea of sustainable water consumption.

Enjoy World Water Day 2012 and don’t forget to share the message.

Your Envirosax Team

*photo compliments of Vancouver retailer Lavish & Lime.

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