Welcome to 09 with Candy and Oxford!

Envirosax is pleased to announce the availability of its newest designs for 09: Candy and Oxford.

These designs have made big waves at the January gift and fashion shows and are available now from our website!

Each individual reusable bag in the new Candy Series is a stand alone eco-fashion statement. The reusable bags were designed with a 70′s Italian chich, with the modern active woman in mind. Oxford on the other hand takes a more gender neutral approach.

Much excitement was to be had at the January show by men who in the past loved our reusable bags, but wanted designs with a more subtle look. There was no less excitement from the women over the classic patterns of the Oxford Series. Most mentioned the “urban” feel and could picture themselves using Oxford bags on the days you just want to be casual whilst running errands.

In 2009 the new Envirosax designs give you the opportunity to express your individuality.


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  2. KATHY Says:

    OO BUT I really want a pink flamingo one…LOL…or can we get one for
    Thank you…I love these bags..

  3. Lu Says:

    I love the bags. I recently blogged about them as one of my 5 Fab Faves. Seriously, I have people trying them out just because they see me carrying them around. Love the new designs. Awesome!

  4. kendra Says:

    love the old designs. love the new designs. i carry about three of these in my purse and my plastic bag consumption is almost ‘zero’. yay!

    had to your product on my blog:


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