Earth Day 2009

earth-day-envirosax-imageDid you know that April 22, 2009 is the 39th Earth Day?

Founded by Senator Gaylord Nelson in 1969, the first Earth Day was held in 1970 and led by 20 million students around America. At the time, The New York Times wrote an article reporting on the astonishing rise of environmental activism – “rising concern about the environmental crisis is sweeping the nations campuses with an intensity that may be on its way to eclipsing student discontent over the war in Vietnam”.

Earth Day has grown to be a worldwide campaign with events being held all around the world, see http://earthday.envirolink.org/calendar.html , http://earthday.net/search/location and http://www.deepdalefarm.co.uk/earthday/ for examples.

While Earth Day is a great way to increase awareness worldwide of environmental issues, every little action that millions of people take on a regular basis is what really helps to protect our planet. There are many small ways we can help, as simple as turning out lights when we are not in the room or walking instead of using the car.

Users of Envirosax designer reusable bags should be congratulated for helping to green the planet every day. In its lifetime, each Envirosax bag saves the planet from approximately 6000 ‘one-use’ plastic bags from clogging waterways, killing wildlife and floating in the ocean for thousands of years. This one action of 3.5 million people using Envirosax reusable bags around the world is having an enormous environmental impact. Congratulations and thank you for making a difference to our planet!


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  1. Katie Says:

    I was recently given an envirosak by a friend from out of state. I just pulled it out and opened it today! I LOVE it!! The print I have is a little boy dinosaur, but I had to come check out right away your other designs. So many great prints to choose from. I am anxious to tell others about your great product. I would love to brag about you on my blog! Thanks for making a fantastic product.

  2. wasacurrier Says:

    I just purchased a Planet Green set – I’m so excited to get them…one thing I do not know, though, is, are the bags washable???

  3. bebe Says:

    Can you buy envirosax at any store?

  4. dawn Says:

    Hello Wasacurrier

    The more care you take washing your bags the longer they will last and the smaller your ecological footprint. Machine washing uses vast amounts of electricity, Envirosax recommends a 20 degree hand wash, line dry.

    - Envirosax Team

  5. dawn Says:

    Hello Bebe,

    There are many retailers across the country that carry Envirosax. Some include Whole Foods, Bloomingdales, and Neiman Marcus. Or you can order them directly from our website which has the full selection of designs to choose from.

    - Envirosax Team

  6. Kelli @ 3 Boys and a Dog Says:

    great post! You should add it to my 40 Days of 40 Years of Earth Friendly Living MckLinky to win a huge pack of Elmer’s!

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