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  1. Razzle Dazzle Says:

    Hi there, i’m just doing a feature article for biology at school and i was just wondering how the Hoop Pine recieves its nutrients when in an environment that has low nutrient levels and also how it recieves water in an area with little water availability?
    oh and it is due tommoro, so if you could hit me back soon that would be geratly appreciated!

  2. Julia Says:

    Hi Razzle Dazzle,

    In Currumbin Valley we have very good volcanic soil, that is very rich in nutrients. Our property is situated between 300-600m and never has frosts, but has excellent dews which nourish the plants every morning. Currumbin Valley also has its own micro-climate and we are a magnet for rain and storms, especially during predominant south-easterly winds during the rainy season. Currumbin Valley is a very lush green valley, but as you move further north towards Brisbane the soil does consist more of shale and land becomes more arid.



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