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The Story of La Boheme

We are delighted to launch our new range, La Boheme, which has been inspired by a fusion of the romanticism of Bohemia and the ideals of the Art Nouveau movement. It is about bringing art and beauty into every day life and a celebration of pushing conventional boundaries.

We would like you to help create a story for the new La Boheme range to give it depth and personality.

While our focus is on breathing new life into eco-friendly products with beautiful design, feel free to take this story anywhere you want it to go.

Comment as many times as you like, and any length. Get your creativity flowing. The story can go in any direction…however comments will be edited if necessary if the story goes beyond decency boundaries.

The blog will be ‘live’ for two weeks, at the end of this time the story will be posted across our sites permanently, so your words will be a part of the Envirosax La Boheme story.

To start you may find inspiration from this picture.


So we will begin the story…

Life was starting to get a little hectic for 20 year old Lorien with uni exams, boyfriend giving her grief and parents just not understanding the pressure she was under. She decided to have a break from study and go for a walk in the forest behind her house. She had always loved the quiet, stillness and imagined growing up that it was enchanted, just like in fairy tales. After walking for a while, slowly feeling more calm and peaceful, she came across this beautiful red bag. Her attraction to it was immense and she just sensed there was something special about this bag, something magical…